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Meet The Team

Not only is Dr. Rust a nice guy, he is also an excellent dentist who uses both conservative and innovative techniques to help us achieve optimum dental health. He surrounds himself with a genuine and caring staff who help create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Kathy P. - Beaverton, Oregon

I had an appointment during the the Great Snowpocalypse of 2017.
I thought that there was no way the doctor would make it in to fix my cavity but the staff made it. I rode my fatbike through the snow and Dr. Rust fixed me up quick and painlessly! Big thanks!
Jeff A. - Portland, Oregon

Dr. Rust was just as amazing, I did not feel rushed and he took the time to answer all of my questions. I felt at ease at Paradigm and highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new dentist!!

Amanda G. - Beaverton, Oregon

I’ve seen Doug since I was a preteen. I won’t see anyone else, and I’ve made my insurance decisions based on his care. He’s fantastic, Julia’s fantastic, and so is everyone on staff at Paradigm.

Johnathan S. - Hillsboro, Oregon

This is the best dental office I have ever been to and I have never said that about any office before. Everyone is so friendly, they genuinely care about giving you the best service possible which honestly, is very hard to find. Definitely recommend!

Angela M. - Portland, Oregon

On-time, friendly, courteous and very professional. The visit went just as I had expected. I’ve been a patient at Paradigm Dental of Beaverton for over 30 years, and I would not go anywhere else. I highly recommend Dr. Rust and his entire staff!
Cosmo S. - Hillsboro, Oregon

Had the opportunity to use a new laser device in use for (among other things) cavity removal. The entire process took about 12 minutes from sitting in the chair and I didn’t even need local anesthetic! They always have the most updated technology and really show patients they care.

Kellen M. - Portland, Oregon

Paradigm Dental is really the best place in Beaverton to go for all your dental needs. Their staff is great and payments are always easy and affordable. I’ve been seeing Dr. Douglas Rust and Dr. Brian Rust for more than a few years now and I can always count their honest opinion and quality work.

Danny R. - Beaverton, Oregon

I love Paradigm Dental! The staff is friendly and helpful! The hygienist is wonderfully pain free for me and Dr. Rust is the friendliest dentist around. I never feel pressured about any future needed procedures and they always give me an estimated out of pocket cost. I really appreciate Paradigm!

Sue A. - Hillsboro, Oregon

The ENTIRE staff is THE BEST! The dentist isn’t usually a favorite appointment, but they make you feel at home and are so caring and non-judgmental. For years, I skipped dentist appointments, but when I did go, hygienists seemed frustrated at me for not coming in sooner. Not here. Julia is the best hygienist ever and so sweet. She inspires you to do better, but doesn’t make you feel bad if you haven’t done your best. I can not recommend them enough!!!

Chelsea W. - Beaverton, Oregon

From crowns to fillings to cleaning I am very pleased with the staff at Paradigm. Dr. Rust is friendly, efficient and capable. Closest I’ve ever come to painless dentistry. I will continue to use Paradigm and recommend them to friends and family.

Dirk F. - Beaverton, Oregon

Cleaning was quick and effective. It took less time that I expected. Dr Rust’s repair of my filling was also stress free. Anesthetic was expertly applied, I never felt the needle go into my gum. Getting the crown down to the proper level was much quicker and more precise that my previous dentist. I guess experience shows.

Allen S. - Beaverton, Oregon

I came to Paradigm Dental to see Dr Rust on the recommendation of a friend after my dentist of 20+ years retired. I loved my old dentist, so the bar was set high. My first visit to Dr Rust’s office was excellent. Everyone in the office is friendly and professional, reception, dental assistant, dental hygienist and Dr Rust. I’m really happy to have found Paradigm.

John B. - Beaverton, Oregon

After the procedure they both stayed and we all just chatted for about 30 minutes. Not about dentistry, but about my profession and they were genuinely interested. It was truly a good dentist experience, which going to the dentist in general is never a good time. They know with my work schedule that email is the most convenient way for me to communicate and set appointment, and they always respond same day. It’s not an automated response, it’s an actual person, where after the fist email, the signature disappears.

Danielle T. - Beaverton, Oregon

I have been to Paradigm dental twice. Once for a routine cleaning and once for Dr. Rust’s first filling using a new laser technology. It was quick and easy and I didn’t have to have my mouth numbed at all. With it being my first filling, it was as easy as it could be. The whole staff is nice and professional. I will be staying with Paradigm as long as I am in the Beaverton area!

Tyler D. - Beaverton, OR

I highly recommend Paradigm Dental! From the front office staff, to the hygienist, to Dr. Rust (basically all employees you come in to contact with) everyone is professional, friendly, and the office makes you feel at home. It’s nice to go in to an office where they remember your name and you don’t have to sit in a lobby with 20 other people (there might be one other person.) Another plus is that they can almost do everything right there in their office. There is no need to run around town getting consultations and appointments with specialty dentists. Who has time for that? They also have the latest dental equipment right there! Did I mention that I live in SE Portland and still drive to Beaverton for my dental needs? I definitely recommend Paradigm!

Thessie F. - SE Portland, OR

My most recent visit was for my normal 6 month cleaning. Charlie is always friendly as she checks my health record and gets everything set up. Julia does a super job with the cleanings. My teeth feel great when she is done. She also takes time to answer questions in detail. Dr. Rust came in and checked everything out along. My previous appointment was to replace a crown that had broken over the weekend. Dr. Rust and his assistant were efficient and yet took time to talk to me about things in general and specifics of what had happened with the broken crown. Since I am a bit of a coward about the dentist, I truly appreciate their caring attitude. They continual check to insure I am not in pain.

Linda F. - Beaverton, OR

No one enjoys a visit the dentist, and the very thought of it makes my teeth hurt (literally). However, Dr. Rust and his professional team at Paradigm make the visit always pleasant and comfortable. Everyone is extremely friendly, polite and patient.

John & Sasha W. - Beaverton

I never felt like I was being “sold” anything. The entire practice delivered amazing care. I have my next appointment in 6 months and I’m actually looking forward to it.

Rhonda & Rickey W - Beaverton

My husband just came home from getting an emergency crown and he was, honest to god, EXCITED about his experience. Apparently it’s all Iron Man techno awesome at Paradigm Dental.

Jen & Kenny W. - Portland


Patient comfort and satisfaction is the foundation of our care philosophy. Everyone on our experienced staff at Paradigm Dental of Beaverton believes in treating patients with familiarity and dignity, providing them with best procedural options and latest technology, and letting them take a deciding role in how we proceed with treatment. Hiring the most qualified and attentive dental practitioners isn’t only important - it’s essential. Our team strives to make Paradigm Dental of Beaverton a fun, relaxed environment and we can’t wait to meet you! Request an appointment ›

Meet our Team

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