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Microbes In Your Child’s Saliva…And All Over Your Home

Giraffe: “Oh gross, where has that mouth been?” Parents of young children, particularly under the age of 10, be warned.... Read more ›

10 Best Celebrity Smiles – Over 40 Edition

The 9 Worst Foods and Drinks for Your Teeth

We’d all like to believe foods affect our teeth in the same way, and generally good oral hygiene can protect... Read more ›

Do I Really Need Dental Insurance?

You absolutely need health insurance. It’s not just about covering the occasional doctor’s appointment – it’s a safety net if... Read more ›

What Causes Bad Breath?

It’s our worst fear on a date or at a job interview. We’re self-conscious about it constantly, but checking it... Read more ›

The Top 5 Myths of Oral Health During Pregnancy

When you’re in the midst of a pregnancy, teeth are probably the last thing on your mind. Your ankles are... Read more ›

3D Printing in Dentistry: Why Your Next Tooth Could be Printed

3D printing has become synonymous with a somewhat farfetched future of digitization. Most of us have encountered this form of... Read more ›

So You Think Veneers Can Work For You

For some of us, smiling is more of a stress than a pleasure. When we live with cracked or missing... Read more ›

9 Steps You Should Take Before Your Kid’s First Dentist Visit

Not many of us remember our first ever trip to the dentist – It has become a practice so routine,... Read more ›

This Dental Laser is Revolutionizing the Way We Think About Dentistry

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “filling”? Does it inspire anxiety? Maybe... Read more ›

The Top 9 Reasons for Toothaches

We use our teeth a lot, and we use them everyday. They work harder than virtually every surface in our... Read more ›

These Two New Products Will Get Rid of Coffee Stained Teeth

A pearly white smile is a universally desirable thing. It’s what keeps pulling us into the dentist and brushing our... Read more ›

The Science of Smiles

In nearly all of human history, we have tried to comprehend the complicated cause of human happiness. Ancient philosophers like... Read more ›

How It Works: Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

Most of us find a yellowing smile a bit less desirable than a sparkling white one. However, the foods, beverages,... Read more ›

How to Brush Your Teeth Like a Backpacker

After a long day on the trails, few things feel better than a shower, fresh deodorant, and brushing your teeth.... Read more ›

The Do’s and Don’ts of Post-Surgery Diets

Most patients heading home after a procedure are wary of how their recovery process will go. No one wants to... Read more ›

Face Time With Doctor Rust

Meeting Doctor Rust Doctor Rust is the founder and leader of Paradigm Dental. He began his practice over four decades... Read more ›

8 Worst Foods For Your Teeth

You’re more than what you eat; you’re also what you eat with. Your whole mouth is the first place food goes to... Read more ›

Do I Need To Brush My Pet’s Teeth, Too?

If you live in the United States, you have about a 50% chance of owning or living with a pet.... Read more ›

Paradigm Dental’s Hot Newest Toy: The Solea Laser Cutter

  In the digital age, you can’t afford to fall behind. Keeping up with the latest advancements is key, especially for... Read more ›

Debunking 6 Misconceptions About Teeth

Despite having our teeth from the start of our lives, many of us hold onto beliefs about our teeth that just... Read more ›

6 Ways To Make Brushing and Flossing Easier For You

You have been told to brush your teeth twice a day and floss at least once. If you haven’t, I’m... Read more ›

3 Reasons to Look for the ADA Seal on your Toothbrush and Toothpaste

A good dentist only recommends products that will help their patients. Some dental products out there can make teeth worse.... Read more ›

6 Cool Facts About Teeth

If you think about it, teeth are amazing. They’re hard working chompers and charming flashers. Teeth are so cool that... Read more ›

On-time, friendly, courteous and very professional. The visit went just as I had expected. I’ve been a patient at Paradigm Dental of Beaverton for over 30 years, and I would not go anywhere else. I highly recommend Dr. Rust and his entire staff!
Cosmo S. - Hillsboro, Oregon

Had the opportunity to use a new laser device in use for (among other things) cavity removal. The entire process took about 12 minutes from sitting in the chair and I didn’t even need local anesthetic! They always have the most updated technology and really show patients they care.

Kellen M. - Portland, Oregon

I highly recommend Paradigm Dental! From the front office staff, to the hygienist, to Dr. Rust (basically all employees you come in to contact with) everyone is professional, friendly, and the office makes you feel at home. It’s nice to go in to an office where they remember your name and you don’t have to sit in a lobby with 20 other people (there might be one other person.) Another plus is that they can almost do everything right there in their office. There is no need to run around town getting consultations and appointments with specialty dentists. Who has time for that? They also have the latest dental equipment right there! Did I mention that I live in SE Portland and still drive to Beaverton for my dental needs? I definitely recommend Paradigm!

Thessie F. - SE Portland, OR

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